Dear followers, my name is Isabel and I am the creator of the Dkary project. I don’t want to be pretentious, but I do want to contribute my grain of sand based on my experience of how to prevent us from catching this virus and curing other diseases.

I have been eating Macrobiotically for more than 10 years. I say that I eat and not that I am Macrobiotic because I am against all kinds of fanaticism. I am 61 years old and my doctor only sees me for annual reviews where he tells me that everything is in order. I do not intend that everyone radically change their way of eating, but I would like to emphasize that with Macrobiotics we are able to alkalinize our blood and therefore improve their condition.

I leave you some articles to read that can be of your help.

To prevent SEPSIS:

Tips for the immune system to function properly:


We get it in the SHITAKE Mushroom – Vitamin D among many other virtues.

We find it in Onion, Garlic and especially in green vegetables.
We find natural probiotics in the ferments (especially in the Sauerkraut)
For me the best vitamin C (which does not acidify the blood) is found in KUKICHA tea

I have been asking my friend Daniel Mayor for more than 8 years to please write a book on macrobiotics, simple and quick to understand. Finally it has, I leave you the link

Contrary to what people think, most toxins are eliminated through respiration. A friend recently sent me the Wim Hof ​​system.
I have been practicing it for several weeks and I have to say that it is wonderful. At first it will cost you to do it right, but if you persist, you will notice the benefits immediately. It is much better to do these exercises in the morning, when you wake up and still lying in bed. Releases DMT (dimethyltryptamine).
DMT is an entheogen that occurs naturally in our body and that Tibetan monks are able to activate naturally.

Otra manera de activarlo es con la Ayahuasca. Pero cuidado dónde y con quien tomáis ayahuasca. Mucha gente viaja a Perú y son engañados. La ayahuasca no es una droga y no tendrás viajes psicotrópicos con ella. La ayahuasca es ante todo una planta sabia que limpia y libera las emociones que en ese momento necesitas soltar. Ya existen Clínicas que curan con esta planta la depresión y la drogadicción. Pero que nadie se equivoque, esto no es una cura milagrosa con la que de repente te llega la inspiración. Como dice mi querido amigo Fran, estás en el camino.

I also recommend reading a very thin book, but not for that less effective.
It is called Raimon Samsó’s Love Workshop.

Now, more than ever, we must be very supportive and take care of each other. I send you a lot of love.

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, Mercola, March 8, 2020.

  • According to him, the COVID-19 virus is a chimera. This includes SARS, a coronavirus designed as a biological weapon, along with genetic material from HIV and possibly flu virus. In addition, it has developed properties that allow it to spread over a greater distance than normal.
  • The incubation period for the infection caused by COVID is still unknown.19, but it is estimated that it could vary between 14 and 30 days.
  • The United States government invested $ 100 billion in biological weapons programs, between September 11, 2011 through October 2015.
  • Although, so far there have only been a limited number of case reports of Infection caused by COVID-19 in the United States, the army of this country has designated various detention areas around the country, to quarantine the infected inhabitants, in case the situation worsens.

You may have heard that a new coronavirus (initially labeled 2019- nCOV before being renamed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization) from Wuhan City, Hubei Province in China, has spread rapidly by all the world.
The first case was reported on December 21, 2019, in Wuhan. Symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, severe cough, pneumonia, which in more severe cases can result in impaired kidney function, as well as liver and kidney failure.
On January 21, 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first case of a patient in Washington state, who had recently visited Wuhan.
Since then, cases have also been reported in 40 other countries, including Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, France, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Africa, and Saudi Arabia.
As of March 1, 2020, 88,339 cases of novel coronavirus infections have been reported in 58 countries, 79,828 of these cases have been reported in China. You can consult the Worldmeter website, which offers the most up-to-date statistics on the number of confirmed cases and deaths of this virus.


The COVID-19 coronavirus may have been designed as a biological weapon.

Francis Boyle, who has a BA from the University of Chicago, a degree in
Harvard law (attorney) and a Ph. D. in political science, shares his theory on the origin of this new coronavirus.

For decades, he has opposed the development and use of biological weapons, and now he suspects that COVID-19 may be related.
In fact, Boyle was the one who requested the creation of regulations on biological warfare in the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention; Likewise, he drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, which was unanimously approved by both houses of Congress and promulgated by George Bush.
At the time of this recording, on February 14, 2020, over 50,000 people were already infected in China with what appears to be a designed virus. The truth is, this problem did not originate from an infected bat broth.

As a result of Boyle’s anti-biological warfare work, which dates back to the
In the early days of the Reagan administration, a time when they used genetic engineering of DNA to make biological weapons, Boyle has carefully monitored “the mysterious outbreaks of disease in both humans and animals around the world” that have appeared since then.
“My anti-terrorism biological weapons law was not only specifically designed to deal with regular biological weapons but also with genetic engineering of DNA for biological weapons that were starting to appear when the BWC was carried out.
Even though the BWC would cover the topic of DNA genetic engineering, I wanted to make it clear that it did. Also, make it clear that it included synthetic biology, ”Boyle said.
“So when these mysterious and unexplained diseases appear, I monitor them for a period of time, and I almost always conclude that they can be explained for normal reasons, such as poor sanitation, poverty, and natural issues. But, I found the Wuhan case very suspicious.
There, a facility with level 4 biosecurity is located. It is the first in China, and was created specifically to treat SARS and coronaviruses. Basically, SARS is a version of coronavirus designed as a biological weapon.
Previously, SARS leaks had already occurred from this facility, and in my experience, the only reason for the existence of these NBS-4 facilities is the research, development, analysis, and storage of offensive biological weapons, for which reason I expressed my point of view that this Wuhan coronavirus had leaked from that NBS-4 facility… perhaps in mid-November and that since then the Chinese government had lied and withheld information
related ”.

There are many unknowns about the coronavirus.

The first report of a case of COVID-19 infection was on December 1, 2019. Depending on the incubation period, which is still unknown, the initial clue, if any, is that it might have occurred at some point in time. last november.

The official estimate is a 14-day incubation period, but a British health expert believes it could be 24 days, and North Korean biological warfare experts believe it could be 30 days, Boyle says.
“As for Wuhan, and Hubei province, they are basically under martial law. There is no other word to define it. If you read the statements of President Xi and his assistants, they have made very clear the chaotic situation they are in, which seems to me correct. They are in a war situation due to their own biological warfare agent.
President Xi has just fired the officials in charge of the issue, and has brought trusted military personnel to handle it, as well as a large number of forces from the People’s Liberation Army [PLA], which they indicate are service workers Health. But, in my personal opinion, they don’t seem like it. At the moment, this is my best analysis in this regard ”.
When questioned about rumors that the COVID-19 virus may have been stolen from a high-security laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada, Boyle said:

“That could also be a possibility. But, I want to make it clear that, in the NBS-4 facilities in Wuhan they are already working on this. They designed a biological weapon that included SARS, which, initially, is a coronavirus.
We know that Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin … resurrected the Spanish flu virus for the Pentagon, and it is obvious that it was for the purpose of using it in biological weapons, and that he specializes in coupling the Spanish flu virus with all kinds of terrible instruments for biological warfare purposes. And there is a record that you ship your products to Winnipeg.
Winnipeg is the equivalent of the Fort Detrick of the United States, but in Canada. It is an NBS-4 facility, where they investigate, develop tests, manufacture and store all kinds of terrible known biological weapons.
So, some of this technology may have been stolen from Winnipeg. I do not know the situation, but as I already mentioned, in the NBS-4 installation in Wuhan they were already working on this. And they had already developed SARS. Before this situation occurred, the SARS had already leaked two or three times, and it seems that they were accelerating the power of it, which is what the COVID-19 seems to manifest. This is a new generation of biological weapons that we have not observed before.
And according to the Lancet, its lethality has increased from 15% to 17%, and from there, to 18%, based on the estimates of a British health official and even on Chinese statistics. Therefore, it has an infectivity of 83%. That means it can infect around three to four people for every infected person.
Its capacity has improved, so it can be airborne for at least 6 or 7 feet, and … there are reports that it could even spread through contaminated human feces, and that they may be able to transmit it 6 or 7 feet away. So we have never faced anything like this in the history of biological warfare before, at least, that’s what public records indicate.
And I want to clarify that I have never worked for the United States government. I have never had a security authorization, or access to any type of secret information.

But, I have read what is in the public and scientific record, and I have drawn my own conclusions, which are those that I present here. But, you could change your mind if you could get credited scientific evidence to the contrary.
Right now, I stick to my conclusions that the virus may have leaked from Wuhan’s NBS-4 facilities, which have the highest level of security known to the Chinese government, which has covered it up from the get-go, until He informed the WHO at the end of last December ”.

Many biological warfare experiments are ongoing despite existing laws.

As Boyle pointed out, the facilities in Wuhan consist of a WHO-designated research laboratory, which may seem strange, considering that it specializes in developing and investigating dangerous pathogens that can be converted into biological weapons with great ease.
However, according to Boyle, it should not surprise us, since “for a long time, the WHO has been involved in this type of research.” The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the pharmaceutical industry, also appear to have been involved in many of the outbreaks that appear to be related to viruses designed as a biological weapon.
“It is not necessary for us to review the long history of important pharmaceutical companies involved in the subject. Since there are great economic benefits involved.
I believe that the Ebola pandemic in West Africa originated at the NBS-4 facility in the United States, located in Sierra Leone, and may have been testing a vaccine containing live Ebola virus, and has been provided those poor people, “said Boyle.
“As for the CDC, they have been involved in every deadly scientific NBS-4 biological weapons study you can think of … According to public records, during the Reagan administration, the CDC and American Type Culture Collection made 40 shipments of agents from High-level biological warfare on Saddam Hussein in Iraq, in the hope that he would make them a weapon and use them against Iran …
The problem is that when the war ended … the United States military was ordered to blow up Saddam Hussein’s biological weapons facilities, but that is not the way to deal with these types of weapons.

And these contaminated the United States Army, which was the causal agent behind the Gulf War Syndrome that… killed about 11,000 soldiers and disabled approximately 100,000 United States soldiers. ”
According to Boyle, the United States government has invested an impressive $ 100 billion, from September 11, 2011 to October 2015, in biological weapons programs. From another point of view, the United States has spent $ 40 billion (assuming the value of the dollar is constant) on the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb.
In addition, Boyle estimates that the United States has about 13,000 life science scientists, who work in the biological weapons industry.
“It is evident that the Reagan administration, under the influence of neoconservatives who fully believed in the use of biological weapons, as well as biological weapons designed for racial groups (see the PNAC report), was dedicated to the application of genetic engineering of DNA with the purpose of creating biological weapons.
For this reason, in 1985 I held a briefing in Congress in Washington, D.C. The Council for Responsible Genetics asked me to do so, with the participation of leading life science scientists from MIT and Harvard, globally.
I prepared for seven years at Harvard. I have three degrees and knew all these people. They requested my services as a lawyer, and that I do this briefing in Congress. I rang the alarms, and then they asked me to write implementing rules, which I did …
However, I want to clarify that I am not your representative, I am only speaking on my behalf, and if you read my book, ‘Biological Warfare and Terrorism’, you will find that the foreword was written by Professor Jonathan King. My arguments are supported by MIT’s most prominent professor of molecular biology, in case you don’t think I know enough information on the subject. ”

The United States prepares to face the COVID-19 pandemic

Although, so far, there have been only a limited number of reported cases of COVID-19 infection in the United States, the military has designated various detention areas across the country, to quarantine residents, in the event that the situation worsens.
But, based on history, government health officials have exaggerated
widely on the threat of pandemics in the United States, including bird flu, swine flu, anthrax, and Ebola.
For example, as I put it in my 2009 New York Times bestseller book titled The Great Bird Flu Hoax, then-President George Bush Jr. estimated that 2 million people in the United States would die from bird flu; and at best only 200,000 people would die. In fact, this pandemic had a final count of zero deaths in the United States.
However, it generated massive economic gains in the country, as taxpayers bought 20 million doses of Tamiflu. One of the people who reaped great monetary benefits from this deception was Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who was president of Gilead Sciences, when the drug was created.
“[Bird flu] was another biological weapon, which involved genetic engineering of DNA,” says Boyle. “This virus was a chimera. It consisted of three different elements and we were lucky that, in some way, these could mitigate its lethality and infectivity. ”
It is not yet known whether COVID-19 will be equally effective in its spread and lethality. Based on China’s statistics, “the situation looks hopeless,” says Boyle.

Facts about the COVID-19 virus

As Boyle points out, like its predecessor, the bird flu virus, the COVID-19 virus is a chimera. It includes SARS, a coronavirus that was designed as a biological weapon, along with HIV genetic material.
“An article published by Indian scientists indicates this. Here, I would have had access to the images, had it not been for political pressure to remove the [newspaper] article. ”
That’s why some scientists now examine the use of anti-HIV drugs to treat it, says Boyle. COVID-19 could also be combined with an influenza virus, along with a better ability to spread farther than normal.

Pandemics are used repeatedly to promote a state of control

Also, they have been used to restrict the freedom of the population. For example, the fear caused by anthrax in 2001 was used to push for the signing of the Patriotic Law, which was the first step to eliminate many of individual liberties and establish a state of total vigilance. It seems to me that such results are much more worrisome than the risk of contracting the infection. Boyle adds that:
“While it is correct that they resorted to the Amerithrax to forcefully introduce the Patriotic Act… the United States has established a state of control… And as I pointed out in ‘Biowarfare and Terrorism’, it seems to me that the same people involved in the terrorist attack 9/11 might also be behind the Amerithrax, but I’m just assuming …
What is called the Amerithrax grew out of a United States government laboratory and biological weapons program, and I exposed it publicly the first weekend of November 2001.

The Council for Responsible Genetics held its convention at Harvard Business School, and I chaired a panel with King and other biological warfare experts on biological weapons programs in the United States.
And when I was walking into Harvard College of Theology, Fox TV had a camera crew there and I said, “Obviously this came out of a biological weapons program in the United States and probably Fort Detrick.”
When moderating the session, I made the same comment. Then I made a comment on a radio station in Washington, D.C. related to the topic, also for the BBC, so, for sure, everyone listened to me.
At the time, someone gave the order that he would never be interviewed again about any news about biological weapons programs. And that has happened since the first week of November 2001 ″.
As Boyle pointed out, George Orwell’s 1984 book has come true. Boyle has lectured to lawyers at the DePaul School of Law in Chicago on the tyrannical nature of Patriotic Law.
“Snowden has been correct in pointing out that the federal government spies on everything we say, our electronic communications, absolutely everything,” says Boyle.
“And again, the proof is that I have been excluded from the United States media entirely. In fact, if we go back a little and look at the Amerithrax attacks, they also affect the mainstream media in the United States, making it clear that if they talked about this problem it would also destroy them. ”

Biological weapons are developed with one objective

As Boyle pointed out, the United States government has a large stock of Amerithrax, a super-powered nanotechnology-created anthrax and 1 trillion spores per gram – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for existing biological weapons. What is more, Boyle is certain that these weapons will eventually be used, as has happened before. And he explained the following:
“Last fall, they conducted a simulation at John Hopkins University on the coronavirus. These types of exercises are a euphemism for a war game. Estimates indicated that it would end the lives of 65 million people …

John Hopkins is heavily involved in this dirty Nazi-style biological warfare work. They have an NBS-3 facility … that they proudly advertise on their website … and that they justify by saying they develop vaccines. And that’s fine … but how do they do it?
They scour the world, which is in public records, and search for any kind of terrible disease, fungus, virus, or bacteria you can imagine. Then they take it to NBS-4 laboratories and develop some offensive biological agent through DNA genetic engineering and synthetic biology … established by the Pentagon under the auspices of DARPA …
Once they have this offending agent, they proceed to develop a vaccine, because the agent is not useful unless they can create a vaccine to protect their own population.
So they develop vaccines to have biological weapons, so they consist of two elements: first, the offensive biological warfare agent, and second, with a vaccine to protect their own population, and that’s what they do in all these NBS-4 installations, and also, in many of the NBS-3.
John Hopkins has an NBS-3 installation and they support his dual purpose. So that is its dual purpose. First, they develop the offensive biological warfare agent, and then they create the alleged vaccine. ”
In fact, Johns Hopkins University is the largest recipient of research grants from federal agencies, including the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation. He has also received millions of dollars in research grants from the Gates Foundation.
In 2016 Johns Hopkins invested more than $ 2 billion in projects
research, becoming the leader of all universities in the United States in investment in research by 38 °. consecutive year.

Best prevention or treatment measures for infection caused by COVID-19

Although the exact most effective treatment is unclear, I suppose it would be good to start with Dr. Paul Marik’s intravenous vitamin C protocol for sepsis, since sepsis appears to be what kills people who acquire a serious COVID-19 infection.
Marik’s retrospective pre and post clinical study showed that giving patients intravenous vitamin C with hydrocortisone and vitamin B1 for two days decreased the mortality rate from 40% to 8.5%.
The exact protocol they used was 200 mg of thiamine every 12 hours, 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid every 6 hours, and 50 mg of hydrocortisone every 6 hours. It is vital to note that the treatment has no side effects and is inexpensive, and can also be easily obtained and administered.
According to Marik, vitamin C and corticosteroids could have a synergistic effect, which is one of the reasons why this combined protocol has been shown to be so effective. Even so, the exclusive use of high doses of vitamin C intravenously could improve survival in patients with sepsis and acute respiratory failure, as well as decrease the mortality rate from 46% to 30%.

Similarly, the number of days of hospitalization has decreased. On average, those who received vitamin C before day 28 spent 3 days less in the intensive care unit, compared to the placebo group (7 versus 10 days). By day 60, the treatment group had been in the hospital 7 days less; that is, 15 versus 22 days. While there are no trials looking at the inclusion of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), I suspect that this could create a powerful synergy to minimize the death rate from sepsis. Unfortunately, HBOT is not available in many hospitals, and even if that were the case, it is not approved for sepsis treatment.
You can learn more about Marik’s sepsis protocol in the article “Sepsis Could Be Responsible for 20% of Mortality Globally,” along with common sense hints on how to lower the risk of sepsis.
You can also watch Marik’s PowerPoint presentation “Hydrocortisone, Ascorbic Acid and Thiamine for Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock” (available in English only), presented at the 2020 Critical Care Reviews conference in Australia. For WHO recommendations on home care for COVID-19, see the article “The recent pandemic threat from the new coronavirus.”

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