Nuestra Historia


Out of the blue. That could be the title of this project, which I began with great

I had been designing and making Miyuki Japanese seed beads bracelets for a long time, but only as a hobby, and as gifts for my friends. Although everyone kept telling me they were very pretty and insisting that I could market them, I had never given it further thought since these bracelets, as you can see, can only be made by hand, crystal by crystal, and require patience and a considerable amount of time.

I, like many people, have volunteered in various NGOs throughout my life, to the best of my abilities, and I have always been sensitive to the situation of women in the third world. One day, talking to my friend Mercedes, I gave her one of my hand-made bracelets, and she gave me an idea. Mercedes del Valle is the creator and manager of, an organization based in Lalibela (Ethiopia) that deals with the basic needs of education, food, etc. for a good number of children from an absolutely poor area where there was very little hope for improving their situation. She proposed that I create a working group for the mothers of these children so that they could feel dignified and self-sufficient, going from living on handouts to being responsible for the sustenance of their family.

In November 2016, I packed my suitcase and embarked towards Ethiopia with
hundreds of small bags of tiny crystals in my suitcase, many of my designs on my laptop, a project in my head and big dreams in my heart.

So, by chance, I launched this project with a group of brave women. We all wanted to build our futures together.

The “society debut” of the bracelets was at IFEMA Madrid. They were very well received, to the point that the group of 20 women we had working in Lalibela wasn’t enough to cover demand. This is why I stopped production and considered looking for another place to increase production.

India is the country with the highest number of suicides among women under 49, and their living conditions are especially harsh if they belong to a lower caste. This situation led me to start looking into this country. The group is small, but I am pleased to know that I am helping women with various degrees of physical disability.

Aware of the administrative difficulty in these countries, I had to look for a country where there was corporate security for the factory. What better country than Peru, which has opened its doors to welcome hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans fleeing extreme poverty.

The Miyuki seed beads bracelets, due to their hand-made production, take many hours to make. Therefore, it would not have been possible to make them in Spain. But this same bracelet, always under the criteria of fair market conditions and social responsibility, helps give hope to women who didn’t have any before. This is the greatest satisfaction that the project gives to me.

The initial name of the brand was DAKARY, meaning happiness in African. Six
months after registering the brand, Paris Dakar filed a suit opposing the name, and itwas changed to DKARY.